Data Engineer SSr/Sr



As a Data Engineer you will support our data efforts for key clients in North America where you will oversee, manage, and build robust data management solutions required to deliver our full analytical solutions to clients. This Dat Engineer will be an innovative, problem-solving networker who is motivated to drive data initiatives within North America and globally.


  • Data Management & Analysis:Undertake data extraction and processing to build insights relevant to the project; ensure that all data is systematically checked and passes all QA steps.
  • Data Architect/Engineer:Building data ingestion and transformation pipelines using all the tools that we have at your disposal. Working with fellow Leaders to building scalable solutions using ETL/ELT pipelines.
  • Lead internal meetings during a project: Initiate and take responsibility for organizing meetings and recording and circulating action points within your team
  • Support the research, development, and implementation of industry best-practices: Propose better approaches to help improve internal procedures including new methodology, etc.

Who you are:

  • A builder | Navigates strong collaboration between people, processes and systems.
  • Innovative and adaptable | Keep up to date with evolving technologies and platforms. Implement processes and strategies that facilitate the growth of the practice. Embrace change and iteration.
  • Analytical and a problem solver | Process-oriented and an innovator with a strong point of view and distinct voice.
  • Client Partner Engages with clients directly in the review and discussion of data trends, insights, and recommendations. Contributes to a high client satisfaction rating of agency relationships and contributions.


  • Bachelor’s or Advanced Degree in Data Analytics, Statistics, Engineering, Marketing, or related field.
  • Comfortable working with large amounts of data in cloud ecosystem.
  • Familiar with standard data processing tools/concepts (e.g. SQL, ETL), and experience driving robust QA processes. Snowflake experience a plus.
  • Experience with data manipulation/visualization tools (Excel, SQL, Tableau); Python/R experience a plus.
  • Extreme attention to detail a must.
  • Moderate to advanced understanding of Business Marketing and Media.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication (written and oral) skills.
  • Team orientated attitude.
  • Capacity to learn new skills and master new tools.
  • Fluent English.

Full remote position, from 10-19 pm.

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